What other agents might not tell you:

  • The date on the contract will most likely change. It is a "target date" and subject to many variables (such as the attorney's timetable, buyers' service providers missing deadlines, last minute obstacles with the lender)

  • The property might not appraise at the contracted price, and we have to negotiate further

  • Agents will miss showing appointments and not call or show up

  • Appointments will be made and cancelled at the last minute

  • Some showings will last about five minutes and some showings will last 3 hours

  • There may be a day when I call you and say someone wants to see your house, and you are going to ask me when. And I will say: "pull back the curtains, they are sitting outside now!"

  • I may call you 3 minutes before your showing and cancel, sometimes it may be 20 minutes after

  • Agents are going to make appointments at the very LAST minute

  • Agents or random people are going to knock on your door or even drive by, see you in the yard, and ask if can they see you house (if this happens, call me)

  • You may receive a low-ball offer or two or 10 (at least it is a starting point)

That's why you want to hire an agent with experience! Anything that comes up is most likely something I've handled before - usually without missing a beat!